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Cleaning our windows is a necessity. However, if we are not knowledgeable enough about how to do it and we don’t have the proper tools, this task can be very time-consuming and an inconvenience. To avoid the hassle, many homes and business owners hire professional window cleaners to handle the job. Beech Pure Clean has some of the most professional and skilled window cleaners in the country and has been serving Cambridgeshire residents and business owners for many years. So if you are looking for the right person or team to handle your window cleaning projects, Beech Pure Clean is the best choice for you.


Beech Pure Clean has been in the cleaning business for more than three decades. Our team of professional window cleaners is trained to use the latest technology and equipment for all types and sizes of properties, and we only use green cleaning products and de-ionised water in every project. With our Reach & Wash® System, we can assure that all areas of your property are thoroughly cleaned. We also have an onboard camera to make sure that we don’t miss a spot. Aside from windows, we are also experienced in cleaning gutters and driveways. We vacuum all dirt and debris that might clog and damage your gutters, and we use high-pressure water systems to keep your driveway clean and well-maintained. We also extend our services to cleaning patios, decks, porches, and pathways with the use of low and high-pressure cleaning systems. For properties that are up to 65 meters, we have a long-reach brushing system to avoid the risk of accidents associated with working in higher areas. We also personalize our service to each client and we make sure that we leave their property with a smile on their faces.


Our services are not limited to residents and business owners in Matlock. Our experienced cleaners are available to handle projects in any area around Derbyshire. We also offer contract cleaning for business owners to help them maintain the cleanliness of their properties on a regular basis. For inquiries about our window cleaning and other services, you can call the telephone number 07899 034 738. You can also send us an email at garybeech0@gmail.com. We will get back to you the soonest to provide you quotes and details about our service. We look forward to helping you have a clean and relaxing property.

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